Salcorn "Sally" Amberleaf


Sally is a small, slight halfling with dark hair and dark eyes that lack the playful mirth of many of his brethren. His hair sticks out of a top-knot in his padded helmet and his callused feet and cheeks seem to be forever lashed and scarred by brambles and thorns. He prefers to carry the traditional halfling staff-sling, but also carries two curved daggers at the small of his back.


Sally was a bounty hunter by coercion of the whip rather than choice. His Cheliax slaver-masters found the young halfling had a natural ability to sniff out escaped slaves. He was taken under the wing of the notorious slave stalker Gralik Brass where his abilities were refined and his normally jovial spirit blunted. Several years later, using an opportunity while Brass was tracking a split party of prey, Sally aided the escape of a small band of halfling slaves into the River Kingdoms. He has made his way into Brevoy hoping to find redemption by being part of something greater and carving out a piece of land for halflings escaping oppression.

Salcorn "Sally" Amberleaf

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