Morrydd (Mory) Nic Brienna

Half-Orc Druid


A young male Half-Orc; a bit small for his kind.

An Orc raiding party killed his human mother’s family, having their way with her and then leaving her for dead before burning the family homestead to the ground. The family homestead was along the West Sellen River in the southern region of Numeria. His mother’s grandmother Diamata (a healer and herbalist) took his mother in and cared for her till she died giving birth to Mory. All that he has of his mother is her name (Brienna) and a lock of her golden hair. All that he has of his father is a heavy brow and an Orc greataxe that was found amidst the burnt-out rubble.

His widowed great-grandmother raised Morrydd, naming him after a fabled Druid. She taught him to have respect for nature, and especially for females and the feminine life-giving side of all things. Protecting nature (and the natural balance of things) as well as protecting those who would suffer under abuses of power is Mory’s personal code. As a sign of his commitment to that code, and in atonement for the actions of his father, he castrated himself at 15 years.

Diamata taught Mory how to invoke the powers of nature, and especially the forces of wind and water represented by Gozreh (Mory loves a good storm). She also instilled in Mory a strong sense of self discipline, to both curb and redirect the hotness of his Orc blood, but also to provide a subtle strength that comes from within.

With the death of his great-grandmother Diamata, Mory set out to seek his life’s purpose. He travelled north on a pilgrimage to see the vastness of the Lake of Mists and Veils – a pilgrimage in honour of the woman who raised him as she was born on it’s shores. He then travelled south through Ustalav to Lake Encarthan, keeping to the less populated areas along the way as much as possible, preferring the company of the feathered and furred. Then he continued on all the way to the Inner Sea.

After spending some time in Andoran (an intriguing culture) Mory decided to head back to a landscape that was more familiar to him and followed the Sellen River back north, eventually taking the East Sellen into Brevoy where he heard of the call for adventurers to tame the River Kingdoms. He now makes that challenge his own.

Mory continues to seek strength and guidance through nature’s creatures, the land and water beneath them, and especially the sky above. Through them he channels great power and gains great insights. As well he has recently applied his mental and physical focus and self-discipline to the bow as a weapon of choice; taking great pains to know and master it as if it were part of his own flesh.

Morrydd (Mory) Nic Brienna

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