Erick Stonefist

Middle aged Dwarven Wizard


A middle aged dwarf with greying red hair and emerald-green eyes. He dresses in bright purple and yellow robes and his beard is worn in a long braid. He has a battleaxe on his belt, and a raven is perched on his shoulder.


Erick is the illegitimate son of the leading patriarch in a clan of dwarves, that dwell in the Golushkin Mountains. For much of his childhood he lived in a remote village until one of the members of that clan learned of Erick. Erick was soon inducted in to the clan, much to the displeasure of the elders in the clan. In his teenage years he found out that one of his teachers was secretly a wizard, and he threatened to reveal his teacher’s secret unless he taught him the arcane arts. Eventually, the elders became aware of his magical talent, and he was banished from the clan for going against hundreds of years of tradition, and practicing magic. He has been wandering the land ever since.

Erick Stonefist

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