Edward Malagant

Human male cavalier


It’s a morning before winter. Midnight, The Duke’s warhorse is stomping at the ground anxious to get moving. Two of Edwards squires, Angus and Patrick are buisily putting on the horses studded leather barding and military saddle.

Another of Edwards squires, Henery is helping him put on his finley crafted full plate armour. Making sure all the buckles and straps are properly fastened. After this, Wilson attends to his master getting the remainder of his equipment ready. A large well polished steel shield is in his left hand. On his left hip is an ornate bastardsword and his right hip a morningstar of fine quality. A composite longbow and quiver of arrows are slung across his back . In his right hand is a well polished lance. A white banner flutters from the end of the lance. A black rose is stiched into the banner.

The Duke’s hair is sholder length, brown and well kept. It would appear he is growing a beard but not very successfully. Perhaps he is trying to hide his youthfull apperance. He is watching his youthfull squires trying to make sure they are following his instructions. He is also searching the surounding area with his green eyes for friend and fow alike. He barks an order at one of the squires for not saddling a horse correctly.

The last two squires, Fredrick and Bryon are attending to the rest of the groups horses and equipment. Before they leave they all put on their tabards decorated with a black rose. They are all memebers of the Order of the Black Rose.


Edward Malagant

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